Signs of A Good Dog Breeder

Don’t just go and ask someone to breed your dog. Dog breeding is not a simple subject as there are many mishaps that could occur during and after the breeding period. Going to a breeder who has the experience and knowledge on this field lessen the risks of these mishaps.

Breed Knowledge

If a breeder claims that he knows everything about the breeding of different type of dogs, don’t take his word for it. Search for certificates and record history of his experience. Successful breeders cater to a specific dog breed. Every breed has their own approach when it comes to proper breeding. After all, having to welcome a new puppy is not like Amsterdam bike rental, that puppy will be part of your family for a long time. The breeder should be aware of the temperament, common health issues, and behaviour of the breed he caters to. That’s why in the breeding business, specialization is highly advisable.

Examines Your Lifestyle and Your Capability as Dog Parents

A good breeder is not only concerned about the money. He takes into account what will be the puppy’s life under your care. He will ask you personal questions about your lifestyle, family situation, living space, and so on. He’ll make sure that the puppy will have a good life, will be treated with love, and will not be caged like the animals in Amsterdam zoo. Good breeders hate animal abuse. So, if the breeder is asking you similar questions mentioned above, then it’s a good sign.

He Provides You Proof and References

Shady breeders will avoid this encounter at all times. But a good one will be proactively giving you the information. He’ll be happy to provide you contacts of his previous clients if you ask for them. He would also show you proof such as certificates and transaction history so you can put your confidence in him. A good breeder makes sure that you are comfortable and you fully trust him to do the job perfectly. He would even put everything in writing just to make things clear for both of you.

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